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Sat4Ever offer includes satellite modems of various manufactures: UHP Networks, iDirect, Hughes, Newtec, Datum Systems and other.

UHP modem

One of the technologies offered by Sat4Ever is UHP (Universal Hardware Platform) modem.

UHP-1000 satellite router is a universal software-defined component of highly-efficient satellite networks of any operation mode or topology. UHP-1000 can work as an SCPC modem with the satellite carrier fixed or assigned on-demand. It can also be a mini-hub or a remote station in TDM/TDMA network or any node (master or slave) in a fully meshed Hubless TDMA network.

    • SCPC, TDM/TDMA, TDM/TDMA Mesh, Hubless TDMA
    • 2 demodulators with separate IF inputs and universal modulator
    • ACM in forward and return channels, including SCPC mode
    • Superior throughput up to 60’000 pps and 150 Mbps aggregate
    • TDMA protocol with LDPC coding and efficiency of 96%
    • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay 570 ms
    • VLAN, multi-level QoS, RT traffic handling, TCPA
    • Adaptive hierarchic traffic shaper specially designed for VSAT
    • Built-in web-console, user-friendly software configuration
    • Fast network startup: ready for use in a minute upon power-up
    • Low power consumption – less than 10 Watt (without RF ODU)
    • Compatible with majority of C, Ku and Ka-band RF Systems
    • Easy to install and reliable operation with MTBF >200’000h
    • Small dimensions - 147х144х29 mm / 530 g (see below UHP modem and smartphone)

UHP-1000 modem