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Antennas and RF equipment are the major components of each satellite station. We offer both new and used (tested) equipment of leading vendors. Our customers can also take the option of used equipment buy-back and replacement with new hardware.

The customer can choose from the following fixed antennas with additional equipment:

    • Prodelin antennas, diameter 2.4 m. – new and used
    • Prodelin antennas, diameter 1.8 m. – new and used
    • Prodelin antennas, diameter 1.2 m. – new and used
    • Deicing systems
    • Automatic positioning systems for satellite antennas
    • Antenna mounts

      We have stock in Poland for direct shipment of antennas from 1.2 to 2.4 m.

      Apart from fixed antennas, Sat4Ever provides many mobile solutions. Among others, we cooperate with C-com – a Canadian company that manufactures different types of mobile antennas:
        • Flyaway – from 1 m to 1.8 m in diameter
        • Driveaway – from 0.75 m do 1.8 m in diameter

      The antennas we offer work within following bands: C, X, Ku & Ka. Among the most popular systems there are:

Transmit Amplifiers

Sat4Ever offers a range of transmit power amplifiers from 1 to 400 W, for different satellite bands.

Low power amplifiers are available in Block Up Converter (BUC) version which is a combination of power amplifier and frequency converter from L-Band to the chosen transmit band (C, X. Ku, Ka). Sat4Ever cooperates with NJR – a Japanese company and the leading vendor of BUCs which offers amplifiers from 1 to 12 W.



As regards medium and high power amplifiers (16-200 Watts), Sat4Ever recommends BUCs manufactured by Terrasat, including modern amplifiers produced in GaN (gallium nitride) technology. As compared with old generation transmitters based on gallium arsenide (GaA), GaN amplifiers are characterised by lower power consumption and longer lifecycle.

Terrasat IBUC

Terrasat IBUC2

Sat4Ever offers LNBs (Low Noise Block Amplifiers) - converters of the received satellite signal manufactured by Norsat and NJR.


To receive full information about our hardware offer, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.